The horror they call Cthulhu/o Culthu


This horror born from biothaumaturgical exeriments has been terrorizing the sewers of Bronx for a few weeks now, its sounds and horrid appearance only glimpsed by a few who have taken to calling it Cthulhu. It prowls for new bodies to absorb, and any vampire unlucky enough to remain in contact with it for more than a minute may find himself slowly absorbed.

Criado por biotaumaturgia, este monstro aterroriza os esgotos de Bronx, em quais os habitantes chamam-o de Culthu, por causa dos ruidos e a aparencia chocante. Qualquer vampiro que fica em contato com este monstro por mais de um minuto, come├žara a ser absovido por esta criatura.

RPG NPC characters for D&D, Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf. Fichas NPC de RPG para D&D, Vampiro a Mascara e Garou.